The PoSciDonDAO Community

The PoSciDonDAO community consists of many expert scientists, bioentrepreneurs and decentralized science enthusiasts. They collectively help the organisation and one another flourish. The DAO is managed by a core team with expertise in science, web3 and entrepreneurship.

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The Operations Crew is dedicated to keep all the DAO operations running smoothly. This includes tokenomics, marketing, governance, community building and onboarding, branding, and managing the election process for scientific experts.

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Due Diligence

Scientific experts elected by the community will become part of the Due Diligence Crew. These crew members will dedicate their expertise to source and review ground-breaking personalized medicine-focused research projects.

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Co-founder Marco

Marco Huberts

🔱 CoreDue DiligenceDAO Operations

Co-founder of PoSciDonDAO. Marco has led personalized medicine research projects involving viro-immunotherapies for pancreatic cancer. Marco builds the on-chain ecosystem and sources research projects for PoSciDonDAO.

Co-founder Ayat

Ayat Abourashed

🔱 CoreDue DiligenceDAO Operations

Co-founder of PoSciDonDAO. As an infectious disease epidemiologist, Ayat has established and led many research projects. Her branding, marketing and data science skills form the foundation of PoSciDonDAO.

Contributor Rakhan

Rakhan Aimbetov

Due Diligence

Rakhan has extensive experience in biotech research and development and as a deal sourcer. He will be sourcing and reviewing personalized medicine research projects for PoSciDonDAO.

Advisor Chris

Chris Crecelius


Chris, co-founder and CEO of AxonDAO, has invaluable experience in establishing DeSci DAOs.

Advisor Mack

Mack Stachowiak


Mack, co-founder an CTO of AxonDAO, has tremendous amounts of experience with creating medical devices bringing them into clinical practice.

Advisor Renee

Renée Davis


As experienced founder of TalentDAO, Rare Compute and advisor for several DeSci projects, Renée is an asset for the PoSciDonDAO team.

Advisor Shady

Shady El Damaty


Shady, co-founder of Silk and Holonym, has a PhD in neuroscience and his expertise in business development and science helps bring PoSciDonDAO to the next level.

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