Representation of SCI, PoSciDonDAO's tradable governance token

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The SCI token is the backbone of the PoSciDonDAO ecosystem, allowing holders to vote on proposals regarding DAO operations and the election of scientific experts that review personalized medicine research projects. SCI will be released soon!

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SCI Utility


After staking SCI tokens, members receive governance rights over PoSciDonDAO's treasury, its operations, the election of scientific experts, and over the management of the personalized medicine IP portfolio.

Stake in IP

A portion of the revenue generated from commercialized IP will be used to buy back SCI from the market followed by a token burn, ensuring token holders benefit from scientific innovation and a growing IP portfolio.


SCI is used to attract and incentivise talent and experts to support the development of PoSciDonDAO's funded personalized medicine research projects.


Voting on governance proposals will give you PO, a non-tradable non-fungible token. PO can be exchanged for SCI tokens and in the future for other rewards including conference tickets and merch.

Our Ecosystem

The SCI token allows the PoSciDonDAO community to have a direct say in how the organisation is operating. This includes marketing, tokenomics, election of scientific experts for research project sourcing and reviewing, branding, hiring of employees, etc.


Anyone can create a proposal if sufficient SCI tokens have been staked through PoSciDonDAO's Protocol. A guide on making a proposal can be found here.


Proposer can then convince other community members to vote in favor of their proposal through PoSciDonDAO's forum.


If the proposal has passed and requires distribution of funds, anyone will be able to initiate the on-chain distribution of funds from PoSciDonDAO's treasury.

Overview of PoSciDonDAO's ecosystem

Token Allocation

Overview of SCI token allocation


The SCI token has not been launched yet. Join our discord or telegram group to stay up to date with its release.

They will be used for funding research, ecosystem development, partnerships, legal, grants, bounties, logistical costs and hiring future employees/contributors beyond team allocation.

They will be used for the creation of liquidity pools, PO to SCI exchange program, and to expand and strengthen our community through marketing and outreach efforts.

Founders, advisors, early contributors and members working on project development are considered DAO Operators.

There is no hard cap for the token supply. The DAO can decide to mint tokens, but only when it is really necessary. For example, when more funds are needed to bring novel therapies into clinical trials or to establish next-level partnerships.

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