Explore The Representation of SCI, PoSciDonDAO's tradable governance token Token

$SCI is a governance token allowing holders to vote on DAO proposals. Revenue from commercialized assets will be used to buy back and burn $SCI tokens. $SCI will be released soon!

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The total supply of $SCI is 18,910,000 tokens. At genesis, 10% of the total $SCI supply will be offered through a public sale using Fair Protocol's liquidity bootstrap batch auction. Additionally, 5% of the tokens will be offered to Crew contributors and 5% will be used to compensate contractors. Another 10% will be assigned to our staking program.


Your $SCI can be staked through PoSciDonDAO's Protocol. Once staked, you will gain voting power, allowing you to vote on DAO proposals. After on-chain voting on proposals, you will receive the untradable $PO token. When $PO is staked together with $SCI, you will receive more $SCI tokens on a daily basis.

Staking $SCI and $PO tokens


Of the generated revenue, 30% will be used to buy $SCI from the market. Those $SCI tokens will then be burned. Lower token supply leads to higher value per $SCI token, given the total market capitalization stays the same. The DAO can also decide through a proposal to receive a dividend instead of executing buy-backs.

Burning $SCI tokens

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