We Fund Research That Brings The Right Treatment To The Right Patient

PoSciDonDAO is a member-owned worldwide organisation that funds and incubates personalized medicine research projects with the goal to commercialize their research output.

Join our community of personalized medicine researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and donors that will go above and beyond to assist you from project submission to funding and further.

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Why receive funding from PoSciDonDAO?
Fast, unbiased and transparent funding

Our Due Diligence crew will go above and beyond for you to guarantee a fast and easy funding process for your project. Full transparency is reached as the Due Diligence crew votes on which research projects receive funding via smart contracts deployed on blockchain technology. As the Due Diligence crew consists of scientists with various backgrounds, bias is decreased in the funding process.

We support high risk projects that others don't

We believe in paradigm-shifting personalized medicine research. As a sovereign entity, PoSciDonDAO funds high risk projects with the potential to innovate the personalized medicine field.

Assistance throughout a project's lifetime

To further streamline the funding process of personalized medicine research we want to work as close as possible with researchers. PoSciDonDAO facilitates research project incubation, assists with creating a strategy to generate intellectual property, plans for research output commercialization, and helps prepare for project execution. We prioritize providing you with more time and resources to focus on your research, while our organisation makes the necessary steps to bring your innovations to the market. With our approach, researchers and their research output can reach their full potential.

The power of a collective of experts

PoSciDonDAO is a purpose-driven global collective of expert personalized medicine researchers, investors, donors and contributors. Joining our DAO gives you access to our large and diverse community dedicated to advancing personalized medicine research in an open and collaborative manner. Through these collaborative efforts, PoSciDonDAO aims to accelerate the development and commercialization of groundbreaking innovations that can improve people's lives affected by life-altering diseases, including, but not limited to, various cancer types and Alzheimer's disease.

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